Maybe Winter 2021-2022

I did some more research to firm up what the latest thoughts are about when things might get back to being able to photograph Homewood events or travel again like in the pre covid-19 times.  If the vaccines are ready to be first distributed by the first of 2021, it will probably still take another year until enough people have been vaccinated, with everyone continuing to wear masks and socially distancing, before we can think of returning to the pre covid-19 style of life.  This means that I need to plan on my photography not being like it was for another year.  I also need to consider that the economy will not likely recover even that soon.  For these reasons, I’m considering taking the long view and planning accordingly.  I’m actually thinking that it will never be like before, as least for me and my photography.

For the next phase of my actions, I’m going to pare down some of the rest of my photography gear.  I have drawers and shelves full of camera bags, straps, etc.  My problem is how do I decide what I might need in the future and thus what to keep.  The only way I know to do that is set aside what I’m pretty sure of using this winter, and then dispose of the rest.  Mentally I need to plan to start over at a later date and get what I need at that time.  After another year there could be so many changes that I won’t need, or be able to use, any of my older gear so there is no need to store it now.

I made these images around 3:30pm yesterday.  It was a very dark day.