Three Ring Circus

It’s another morning, but you probably don’t notice what is different in the above images.  I’m trying the Fujifilm 16 – 80mm F4 zoom lens.  The main reason I’m trying it is that I felt a little naked not having a suitable documentary lens to photograph whatever might happen around Homewood.  As an example, I might want to photograph the outside light decorations after they turn them on, even though they will probably look just like the pictures that I made in many previous years.  Whether I actually make images of them again will depend upon the weather, how I feel, etc., but I didn’t want the lack of a lens to be the reason so I ordered the 16-80mm lens to give it a try.

For at least a few days, I going to just photograph whatever is in front of me as I try the lens.  I had my first failure using the new lens last night, but it was me and not the lens.  It has been so long since I last used a zoom lens that I got a little out of sorts with using the three rings on the lens.  It was dark and I switched to manual focus and used the outermost focusing ring for adjustments.  I had also zoomed out with the middle ring.  When messing with the adjustment rings I didn’t notice that I had moved the innermost aperture ring and shifted it to an aperture of f/22.  Hopefully, I’ll now remember to check all of the settings and be more careful when handling the zoom lens.

If for no other reason, trying this heavier, larger lens does make me appreciate the greater fun and enjoyment in just using my 35mm f/2 lens.  I miss it already, but there are advantages in having a range of focal lengths available.