Foggy 50

I am playing with the Fuji 50mm F2 lens.  I just got it yesterday so I took it out this morning on Misty’s first walk of the day and made these at an aperture of F2.0 as I tried to get familiar with the view frame of the 50mm lens (effective 75mm).

I have been using just my 35mm F2 lens and I find it works for most anything I can find to photograph, but occasionally I want something a little longer.  My goal is to primarily use prime lenses on my X-Pro3 camera when photographing for myself.  In addition I usually go out with just one lens so I pick the focal length based on what I hope to photograph.  After I get a wider lens, probably either the 16mm or 23mm F2, I may start taking a bag with the extra lenses in it but I try to not change lenses often when I’m out.

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