Cold & Snow Coming

201212-124753-JEH20Colder and wetter conditions are coming this week.  Today might be the last time this week for a leisurely drink and bath.

Today I’ll be thinking some more about how I can use the 50mm lens on my X-Pro3 camera.  I am far from the typical user they were both designed for, but I love the combination so I will search for other ideas of things to photograph with them.

Mostly I just love to hold and use them … just one camera and a single prime lens (at a time).  I’ll stick with the 50mm some more before switching back to the 35mm F2 lens.  My photography has evolved into the challenge of finding uses for my X-Pro3 and prime lenses, and deciding which focal length works best for me.  I could really just use either the Fuji 35mm or 50mm F2 lens.  It is now a race to see which I like most.