One More Day

 Another day goes by, not much different than any other.  Yesterday’s and last night’s rains and warm weather removed the snow we had on the ground.  All that is left today are the piles of snow they removed from the roads and driveways.  

As I write this the temperature has dropped to freezing and will stay that way today, thus we have to worry about ice on the paths, etc.  It looks like another cold, dreary, cloudy day.  I see that some of our grounds crew came to work this morning to put chemicals on the ice where it forms on walkways.

I made this picture last evening.  My problem is that I’m running out of “pictures” to make, and I’m not sure that it is worth continuing to do this most days, mainly because I can’t keep finding what isn’t there.



  1. Jean Alwine

    I understand. It is too bad that you can’t take photos in the Community Center. There are spectacular displays on the doors and tables outside the doors


  2. Jean Alwine

    John, you missed the black boots sticking out of the snow bank at Plum Tree and car barns. I’ll put them out again when we have another big snow. They got lots of comments from the residents!!!!! Jean