Geese Fly High

201230-095701-JEH20I decided this morning to confirm my desires to try and not use a long heavy zoom lens on my X-Pro3.  I noticed that the sale prices of micro 4/3 cameras and lenses might run out at the end of the year and I had thought about getting a micro 4/3 camera and an effective 300mm lens for some images so I wanted to confirm my decision to not bother with a long lens before the sale ended.  

Based on what I have to photograph and my limited opportunities, I think I will continue with my Fuji 35mm and 50mm prime lenses with an occasional use of my heavier 16-80mm zoom lens only when necessary.  I really don’t need to use a longer lens.  The geese in this image were flying real high when I used the 35mm lens to snap a picture which I then cropped and resized to make my images this morning.  I just made the picture to see what I could do.