210103-111142-JEH21There are too many uncertainties in my photography starting with, when will I be comfortable circulating and photographing among people.  How long will it take to get vaccinated and how long will it take to reduce the levels of covid to where I will be comfortable going out?

Other uncertainties are how far can I go and how long can I photograph without inducing too much back pain?

How are people going to feel about having their pictures made and published on the internet?  This issue was getting worse around the world even before the pandemic.  Will the outgrowth of the pandemic worsen or lessen those concerns?

Will I want to continue using a single lens and camera to just photograph a few things up close, things that I can reach quickly?  If so, I might not need a longer focal length zoom lens on any camera.

Is it worth continuing to pursue photography as a hobby?  If I’m not traveling or photographing new things, people, etc., photography really isn’t a good hobby since it is limiting in being able do anything different with my camera, etc.

And the final uncertainty is, should I even bother to continue with my photography and blog?