Different Tack

After thinking about the uncertainties, I knew that if I am going to continue with making images that I’m going to have to do something different.  I’m going to have to go beyond my Villa to make images while continuing to stay away from people.  I need to try harder before I give up.

Options for staying away from people, are to use a longer focal length lens and/or concentrate on environmental photography … the natural environment as well as the man-made environment.

To follow-up on the above ideas I needed to see what I could do and what I might need in the way of camera and lenses; therefore, I took a walk along Plum Creek with an older 2013 camera, bought used and now inexpensive, a Pentax K-3 camera and the 18-135mm Pentax lens.  Would the image quality be sufficient?  I’m still exploring this idea.  These images were made with the Pentax DSLR setup.

If you wish to try this camera, be aware that I use the latest LRc software and that these images started as raw files which I have processed.  I have found that I can get a lot more out of the Pentax raw files using the latest image processing software than with what was available back in 2014.  The camera jpeg files are not as good.