Using an Old Pentax K-3

I have decided that the K-3 image quality is fine but the remaining issues are much harder to resolve.  The camera is great, I love the way it fits my hand, and I love the weather resistance.  What I don’t like is the weight.  Nominally the weight is fine but I have problems with my back and in the past carrying a K-3 with this lens has given me trouble.  Related to this issue is the lack of a tilt-able LCD.  I have problems with bending and getting down low due to my back limitations.  Not having a tilt-able LCD increases my back problems.

My solution to the issues related to my back is to not carry the camera too long and not use it down low when it causes me to bend excessively.  One technique that I’m considering is to drive around and park the car and then either photograph from the car or from a short distance from it.  I can also use the K-3 to make pictures through my window like the one of the sparrow above.

I still have my Fuji X-Pro3 camera and lenses and I plan to keep using them, especially indoors around people.  The problem is that the likelihood of being able to do that in the near future is almost nonexistent and that is why I have gone back to also occasionally using a Pentax K-3 camera.  It is better suited for using with a longer zoom lens and is more rugged and less expensive; thus I don’t mind tossing it on the seat of a car or getting in the mud with it.

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  1. Marc R.

    Hello John, I understand your problem. I myself am 2 months of 60 years young, and all parts are also not what they used to be. Coincidentally, I am also a Pentax and Fuji user, and have a Pentax K-3 myself. The camera is a first edition from 2014 and easily outperforms a Fuji X-T2 and X-pro 2 which are two years younger (recently compared on, the weight difference is only 300 grams, this should not have too much influence. Otherwise, it might be worthwhile to wear the camera differently, I sometimes wear it with a long belt at the back, when I’m out for a walk in the woods.
    It also feels safe when I have it with me, with us in Belgium you are not even allowed to have a mini pocket knife, and my Pentax K-3 is all I need 🙂
    Take care !