To retain my sanity while staying isolated I walk and make pictures of anything I see.  This morning I photographed two ladies walking outside, with masks and social distancing.  I then later photographed the light and shadows on my wall.  In addition to taking the photographs, I spent time on my computer using my Lightroom software to process them … usually in multiple styles, etc. to spread out the time doing it.

I am rapidly approaching a full year of social distancing and wondering how we will all be if/when we come out on the other side.  It won’t be like pre covid times; that is the only thing I’m sure of at this minute.

Others have been walking to retain some degree of health, physical and mental, and I hope others have some form of hobby or activity that they are pursuing.  Since I see such a small number actually out walking, I really wonder what others are doing and what they might be like afterwards.

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  1. cheriewhite

    Great post! I totally agree that it pays to have a hobby during these lockdowns. I write and exercise to keep my sanity. Wishing you all the best in these trying times.