Smaller Camera

I prefer to do all of my walk-about photography with a small camera carried in my pocket and make B&W jpeg images similar to these.  At this time, I am only limited by access to suitable scenes for making good B&W images.

It has not been a secret that I like small cameras.  They are easy to carry and hold and use with my aging hands and back.  Over the years I have tried many different larger cameras, but still keep coming back to what I prefer.  The problem nowadays is that cameras such as I have been looking for, are not being made now, so I have been looking for used ones that weren’t in bad shape.

I was finally successful in finding a used camera.  I found this Leica D-Lux 6 in the Centennial model.  It seemed to be almost like new, probably because someone had purchased it to save and display.  Leica had only made 5000 of them for 2014.  I would rather it didn’t have all of the bling on it, but this probably ensured that it hadn’t gotten much use and is still like new.

Continuing with my thoughts about the future of cameras and the trends to only make larger more expensive cameras which then need larger heavier lenses, has me considering other changes.  I have gone through many micro 4/3 cameras and lenses and liked their size and weight.  I kept selling them and buying other cameras with better low light and high ISO capabilities due to poor lighting conditions when photographing events where I live.  

Since I have not been doing such photography this past year, and since, for many reasons, I might not be doing much of it in the future, I am wondering if I should replace my Pentax and Fujifilm gear with one micro 4/3 camera.  This may be my last chance before even those smaller cameras and lenses are no longer available.  I love my K-3 and my X-Pro 3 cameras as well as their capability, but do I need them?  They really haven’t gotten much use and with my use of the D-Lux 6, they aren’t likely to be getting much use.


  1. bluebrightly

    The images above are beautiful – now I’m looking at the Leica! I’ve been using an Olympus OM-D EM-1 for years and am very happy with it, but the weight of even that camera creates problems. You have me thinking…


  2. paula graham

    Agree with you after having bought one of those smaller cameras , what a joy! Just put it in your pocket, it is there when you need it. Converted….mind you after 20 years of lugging the best all over the place!