Noon Update

210131-115836-JEH21 The temperature rose to 30 degrees F. and the snow let up.  It is only flurrying now.

I haven’t lost my mind yet.  I have spent the morning looking at micro 4/3 files and cameras as well as playing some more with my Pentax gear.  I love my Pentax gear, even though it is a bit heavy, but I can handle it.

I picked an object far away from me that I could photograph through a window and made the image shown here.  It was made through a thermal pane window at maximum zoom with the 18-135mm lens.  I started with a raw file and then crop-zoomed and then upsized to make this.

The bottomline, at least for now, is that I will be keeping and continuing to use my Pentax DSLR for my most versatile, all around system.  My main problem is lack of things to photograph but I’m hoping that by spring that will be solved, at least somewhat.