Snow Starts

210131-081826-JEH21 Our snow started around 8am.  We may get a lot (for us) before it ends on Tuesday.

I switched to my Pentax K-3 and the 18-135mm lens in order to gain the effective 200mm focal length.  I bought this camera and lens used and I don’t have a hood for the lens, so it could make for interesting images if I take it out in the falling snow.

Our roads are turning white and as it gets deeper and more slippery, I’m not likely to be going out much with the camera.  I’ll have to wait and see, but as I age I get less interested, or excited, in going out in cold weather with blowing snow.  It is not windy yet, but it will be.  I hate wind.

It is times like this that cause me to ponder about getting another micro 4/3 camera with a longer lens.  That is about the smallest, decent system, that is lighter with longer zoom lenses available.  It might make a better camera and lens for an old man.  I remember seeing Saul Leiter using a micro 4/3 camera around his home in NY City as his final camera in the years right before his death.