Ricoh or Fuji

I made the above images yesterday morning with the GR III.  It is a very nice pocket camera with an effective 28mm lens.  The macro capability along with my crop-zooming and up-sizing gives me a wide range of opportunities for composing even without a zoom lens.

The first two images were made with macro setting.  The one of Misty’s prints was normal and the one of the contractors cleaning up the snow is a small crop of the original image.  Those machines are a good ways down the street at the corner.

Lately I have been primarily using my two Ricoh cameras, the GR III and the Pentax K-3.  I prefer them for documentary work; but, I still like to use my Fuji X-Pro 3 with the 35mm F2 lens and I prefer the Fuji film simulations.  I made the following test images with the X-Pro 3 camera.  I prefer it for monochrome stylistic images.