Everything is Everywhere

210306-080407-JEH21I am reading The Gentle Barbarian by Bohumil Hrabal.

“Whenever there was too little of something, he’d rush in with his talent to show that omnia ubique—everything is everywhere—and that the maximum resided in the minimum, that every point in the world was the center of a Garden of Eden, whereas all hanging gardens eventually become ruins and dust and in that dust all beauty persists, and in that tiny fragment of earth, everything begins anew . . .” 

I found the book thanks to Patti Smith’s reference to it.

I read the above quote and it caused me to think about how it also applies to photography, at least some of mine.  I have been trying to find small simple things to photograph around me without traveling. I often then photograph the same things but in different light and/or processed differently as I search for what little beauty might exist even here.