Ready for Change

It wasn’t the colors of yellow and purple that I reacted against earlier.  Mostly I’m just tired of the same old things.  This has been a bad year and not traveling due to the pandemic and aging issues has worn me down.  I need a change.

I’m working on making some changes in what and how I photograph this summer.

I made this double exposure image by photographing a shelf with some photography books and then turning and photographing a print on my wall of a heron that I made long ago on the Nile river in Egypt.  If nothing else, it is colorful.

I made this image with the Pentax and am probably going to be using it a lot more outdoors this spring and summer.  I prefer it over the Fuji gear for outdoors nature photography, but it works just fine indoors.  In fact it works great anywhere as long as the shutter-mirror noise is not a problem.

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