Long Ago with a Pentax Camera

I made this long ago (well 2013 seems like long ago) with an older Pentax K-5 DSLR.

I’m currently reviewing my use of Pentax cameras and lenses as I consider what I’m going to use in the future if covid gets damped down and things open up a lot more.

I’m pretty sure that the new K-3 Mark III will have some nice upgrades if Pentax ever manages to get it manufactured and distributed, but I’m also expecting the increased cost will not make it worth upgrading my K-3 for my uses.  The new K-3 Mark III is a totally redesigned camera.  It also depends on what I decide to do with my Fuji X-Pro 3.

While I like the Pentax cameras and lenses, it is still a dying system and other lens manufacturers are no longer supporting it.  For these reasons I am reluctant to put much more of an investment into it.  But, I love it and have used it for so long that I might keep it going for the same reasons people keep and display old cars.

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