A Step Back

For those who are interested, I have decided to take a step back and try using only Fujifilm gear, at least for a while.  I am waiting on the arrival of another Fujifilm X100V camera and while I wait I made these images and decided to bring my viewers up to speed on my dithering.

I have been thinking hard about whether or not I could replace all of my cameras and lenses with just the X100V; i.e., really simplify my gear.  I have also been considering switching to all B&W; but, these thoughts haven’t set well.

With my not traveling much (I hope to change that this year), I currently have little to photograph other than things I see changing around me, and they require the use of color.  If I continue with color, I prefer the Fuji styles.  For the above images, I reverted to my previous favorite which was classic chrome.  I like Classic Neg but it really changes the color of flowers, especially the purples and blues.

I have also been using my Pentax K-3 with just the 18-135mm lens since I find it easier for quick shots like with the previous muskrat images.  For the sake of uniformity with color styles, etc. I am going to try and use my X-Pro3 with the Fuji 18-135mm lens rather than the Pentax.  I will use the X-Pro3 instead of the X100V when I need other focal lengths.  This also has the advantage of not needing to keep changing lenses.  I’ll use the X100V when I want a smaller lighter camera and don’t need the longer focal lengths.  If I’m out hunting wildlife or photographing things I can’t get close to, I’ll take the X-Pro3 with a longer lens.

I’ll have to see how this use of gear goes.  If it goes well, I might then sell off my Pentax gear as well as a few Fuji lenses and also sell the Leica D Lux 6 Centennial camera; but maybe not. I’m still dithering since I’m unsure of what I will be photographing in the future.