Deer with an X100V

I have been continuing my exploration of just using one camera with one prime lens; i.e. the Fujifilm X100V.  I was walking with the X100V when I saw these deer in the distance …. far beyond the range of that effective 35mm lens; but, was it?

The first image is what I made with no cropping.  A little later, from the same spot, I took the second picture when I saw the third deer step into view.  I cropped the image enough to just show the three deer.  The third image has been cropped to just about the limit I photograph with that camera, but it isn’t bad.  It has been upsized for this display.

I have tried the use of jpegs with the camera cropping and upsizing as well as making raw files and doing the cropping and upsizing on my computer.  Image wise, there isn’t a whole lot of difference; but, jpegs are more limiting.

I have decided to just make raw files and do the cropping and upsizing myself since I often don’t know how I want to crop ahead of time, especially since the image in the viewfinder is so small, and I often end up cropping out various size pictures from one image.  

I also like to use different film simulations at different times.  With the raw files I can do this with Lightroom Classic software.  The files made that way are not exactly the same as those made in camera, but they have gotten better with the various upgrades to the Adobe software.