De Facto Visual Journal

This is a picture that I made this morning of the birdbath in front of our Villa.  The water froze overnight and then this morning we had snow flurries, which you can see on the ice and stones.

The overnight temperatures got down to 26 degrees F.  Marcia went out to melt what we thought was a thin skim of ice after I made this image and we were surprised at how thick it was.

I prefer to rather continuously make images with any camera.  The question has always been, what do I do with them?  My solution was to show some of them on this blog.  As a result, this blog has become a de facto visual journal of what I see.  It has also become somewhat like a record of our environment as well as a journal about my photography, playing with gear, processing, etc.


  1. Jean Alwine

    John, you should invest in a heater for your bird bath. We had one when we lived on Morning Glory. The birds used it all winter long. It was not expensive and I think we bought it at Lowes(??) or the Garden Center (no more!!) They would drink from it and bathe from it. You need a near-by outlet.