Matter of Taste

Whether you prefer images like this in color or B&W is a matter of taste.  Your preferences can be developed by what you are used to seeing in the past as well as other things.  I have no idea why or what you like.  I even have a hard time deciding what I prefer.

There are several factors that cause me to go one way or the other, either color or B&W.  One factor is consistency.  If I am showing several pictures in one post I prefer them to be consistent, either of one color hue or all in B&W.  Obviously, it is easier for me to maintain consistency if I do all of them in B&W.

Another factor is that some images look best in color, and others don’t.  I think the above image works in either color or B&W.

Another factor that influences me is that I don’t know what to photograph and that I will photograph almost anything.  What attracts me to photograph something is often just the light and shadows.  By working in B&W I have better control over the processing and if I concentrate on light and shadows in B&W, it makes less of a difference as to what the actual object is.