Complaints, but little Action

People like to complain about everything except what matters.  They complain about migrations.  They complain about floods.  They complain about droughts.  They complain about the increased damage from major storms.  They complain about wildfires.  They complain about the remediation costs for all of these things.

Far too few people understand and address the root cause for ALL of the above changing, worsening symptoms. The primary factor causing all of those issues is, and will increasing be, people.  People and their way of life are the fundamental causes of climate change.  We need to stop collectively destroying our environment.  It is too late for sticking our heads in the sand and avoiding the root cause for these things.  We must make major changes now or forever be faced with higher and higher costs as we only see symptoms and not the big picture.  We are the problem.  We must change.

No wall can be built high enough and no degree of isolation or avoidance of the global conditions can save us.  Unless we recognize this, and take action to reverse climate changes now, we are doomed.