Evaluating Micro 4/3

I have been evaluating adding a micro 4/3 camera to my cameras as a lighter weight solution for using longer focal length zoom lenses.  I used the Olympus E-M5 III with the 14-150mm lens in several different previous posts to see how well it covers some things I might do with it.  The above images are a couple more images I have been evaluating.  The trees were on the horizon and made at an effective 300mm focal length.  I wanted to check the resolution of the tree branches.  Both images were made in lower light and the image of the glasses was made indoors at ISO 6400.  Many consider that a bit too high for micro 4/3 sensors but the above is OK.  So far the camera and lens have been acceptable.

My intent is to use it for times when I need a weather resistant, not too heavy, not too big camera, with image stabilization, to carry on walks as well as to use it for a grab and go system and for outdoor events.

The images below were made on a morning walk today.  We hustled on a short walk since it was starting to sprinkle.

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