Uncertain Changes

210513-082311-JEH21I am going to cut back on publishing new posts on this blog.  This isn’t something I want to do but is something I need to do, at least off and on, because of a lack of suitable pictures and things to write about, and a lack of interest and direction, or purpose.  I managed to keep publishing through the last year during the pandemic, etc. but it exhausted most of my ideas and turned the effort into work, and I got tired of photographing the same scenes over and over.  

I will attempt to find other ways of utilizing photography while dealing with all of the changes that will be occurring as a result of the pandemic, climate changes, politics, getting older, etc.  While doing that, I would like to get back to the fun aspects of photography.

I might turn my endeavors into a long-form project that might be more suitable for a book or two; but, I’m not sure what they might be about. I’m hoping that getting away from the daily images might help me experiment differently and have fun doing it.  I mostly need a change and I need a clear purpose or reason for preparing images and text.

The name of my game is “change it up”.  I want to make changes across the board.  I am also trying to find the one or two cameras that will take me into the future as I cut back with my photography.  I want to end up with a camera that I love to use.

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  1. bluebrightly

    Good luck working all of this out. Things change and after the last year, I think lots of people feel the need to make changes in their lives. The last thing you need to do is to turn this into work, I get that. I’ve gotten a tremendous amount from blogging and I guess I’ve found a way that works for me – long-ish posts about specific topics published once a week or less. There’s still great pleasure in making photographs, processing them, and putting posts together after nine years or so. My photography evolves, albeit slowly. Maybe the best part has been the community that builds up around photography blogs. The way that happened for me was through making comments and entering a dialogue with other bloggers. I like the idea of long-term projects and books, too. That’s something I keep meaning to do but don’t get around to. Good luck to us all! 😉