Preset Test

I have been using my Pentax K-3 III as I have worked on developing my own preset to use in LR.  My goal has been to develop a preset that works well for both color or B&W images.  I first tweaked the Pentax bright color jpeg settings and then worked with the camera jpeg images within LR.

I am still testing the preset for various subjects, light conditions, etc. but so far it is working out quite well, at least as a starting point.  I have also tried it on Fuji raw files as well as other camera files.  The above are just some examples from the K-3 III camera.  I was concerned that it might change colors, etc. to a point that might not be pleasing to me, but it hasn’t so far.

PS, I’m liking the K-3 III more and more as I use it.  It is the best camera that I have had for being a one and only camera for all of my uses.