Pentax 18-135mm Lens

As I continued with the use of my preset, I purchased the Pentax 18-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 lens to use on my Pentax K-3 III camera.  It might not be the best lens according to specs but I find it to be a most versatile lens that is plenty good.  

The lens is one of the reasons I often liked my previous Pentax DSLR cameras.  It has a very useful range of focal lengths and it is less expensive and smaller and lighter than other manufacturers similar lenses and the Pentax lens is weather resistant.  It is a lens that tends to live on my camera unless I have a special need for a faster lens, but I’m hoping that with the K-3 III such faster lenses will be needed less often.

One often overlooked advantage of the Pentax 18-135mm lens is the near focusing ability.  I find that it works great for flower photography and that the IQ is better with longer focal lengths when used to photograph up close.