More than One Camera ?

As I have been using, and loving the Pentax K-3 III, I have been thinking about my other cameras.  Mostly I have been wondering if I should sell my two Fuji cameras, but as I made the above picture of the two Fuji cameras with my iPhone, I started wondering about the iPhone.

I used the above two iPhone images and processed them with my latest preset that I developed for the Pentax camera.  I was glad to see that it worked, and enhanced the images, in my opinion.  That raised the issue of maybe using the iPhone as my just-in-case camera when I am out and about without the Pentax, rather than keeping the Fuji X100V for that purpose.

I could use the iPhone occasionally, but what if I want to use something smaller than the Pentax when on the streets somewhere?  Wouldn’t the X100V be a better street camera?

My internal conflict is coming down to the fact that I like the idea and ease of just using one camera for everything, but why do that when I already have other cameras that might be better for some uses?  

Some reasons for selling the Fuji cameras: too much money tied up in cameras that just rest in the drawer, easier to remember and get skilled on just one camera, easier to use one set of adjustments when developing images, and it would free up space in my camera drawers.

I’ll continue thinking about it.