Crop-Zooming Enhancement

Lightroom has a new enhancement feature to double the number of pixels along the width and height, resulting in enlarging my 26 MP pictures to 102MP.  I wanted to try it to see how far I could push the focal length of my Pentax 20-40mm lens with cropping.  

I thought that some of my pictures made in WVa would make good tests due to the amount of fine details in the images; therefore, I used some raw files made at 40mm focal length to test the LR enhancement feature.  I then cropped the enhanced image.

The upper images are the originals, and the ones below are the files which were cropped from the enhanced images.

After I tried the raw images I tried the same thing on a jpeg file that I made at home, with an additional enlargement.  I used the LR enlargement and then cropped out a section and then used ON1 to enlarge the cropped file up to 3000 x 3000 pixels.  The following shows the result.

I also tried the same technique on some images made at 135mm focal length with the 18-135mm lens and I didn’t like the result.  I think I will stick with using my Pentax limited lenses, the 40mm and the 20-40mm, and consider getting a longer limited focal length lens.