Mortality of Nature

I have been continuing to experiment with how I might process my pictures, especially those I made in WVa.  I have settled on some form of monochrome, but other than that I have been all over the details, settings, etc.

The title of this post might give you a hint of where I am as of now.  Those of you who have read Sally Mann’s Memoir, “Hold Still,” might recognize where I got that title.  I have just started the book so I haven’t really gotten into her landscape phase so I might tweak this process some more.  I decided that I needed an objective to pursue rather than just keep moving sliders as I tried various settings.  She gave me the idea for my current preset, as used on these images.

My particular settings are also related to “less is more” and involve using the older Adobe standard B&W.  I think that the settings I’m currently using will affect raw files from different cameras differently, but so far they seem to work as I like with my Pentax K-3 III camera.  

I need to see how this particular preset works on scenes that I might photograph around Hanover, but initial checks on older images have looked pretty good.  If it holds up on a variety of images, I might use this preset (I call it Mortality of Nature) as my monochrome standard preset.