X2 Simple, Smaller, Lighter

It shouldn’t make any difference to my blog viewers, but I have acquired another camera.  My intention was to only use my Pentax DSLR for all of my photography, until I couldn’t.  I fully expected that the day would come when I couldn’t handle the size and weight of my Pentax system; therefore, I have been keeping my eye open for something a lot smaller, lighter, simpler, and fun to use.  I found it long before I really needed it.  I can still use my Pentax system for everything I need to photograph, but now, I not sure that I want to.

I used to have a Leica X2 camera and always liked it but sold it to a friend many years ago … probably in 2017.  I hoped that a newer camera would come along that was similar but with newer sensor, LCD, processor, etc.  It hasn’t.

I only sold the X2 since I needed different gear for photographing Homewood events, etc.  Since such photography has been almost nonexistent for some time now, I have decided to move on and only own cameras that I like for my personal photography.  I have now found a used Leica X2 that is almost like new, and I bought it when I had the chance.  There may never be a similar camera manufactured again … or at least I might not live long enough to enjoy one.

My current intention, or desire, is to primarily use the X2 for a while and see what I can make with it.  Yes, I am well aware that my intentions are always subject to quick changes, and have changed back and forth many times over the years.

For now, my K-3 III and lenses are resting peacefully in a drawer in my photography cabinet.  My quick reaction would be to sell all of the Pentax gear and just use smaller cameras like the Leica X2, but having gone down that route several times in the past only to get another one, I am going to not act so impulsively this time.  There are definite times where only the Pentax gear would work, but I’m not sure if the need will arise, or even if it does, whether I want to pursue it in the future.

I might decide to get back on a track I have often expressed doing, and continue to reduce, simplify, and do less photography as time goes on.  I’m definitely thinking more about it.