Pondering Gear and Objectives

As soon as the rains came on Thursday, I switched back to my Pentax K-3 III and the 18-135mm lens.

The bird might now be headless, but I haven’t acted headless and forgotten my Pentax gear.  All of my cameras have their different strengths and uses.  The questions I need to answer are: Do I want to keep using the Pentax and do I want, or will I be able, to photograph the things that require the Pentax gear?  Do I need it?  Would I rather concentrate on what I can do with only an effective 35mm focal length lens and drop the longer lenses?

As soon as I start considering the answers to these questions I keep coming back to my original reasons for pursuing photography.  That was to entertain myself and to have fun processing images.  To continue to do that, it behooves me to use whatever camera and lenses that enables me to make more images.

These thoughts bring me back around the circle to deciding if my previous intentions for photography are still the ones I need to pursue.  Is there another, or multiple objectives that might over ride my previous ones?

PS, the best guess for what killed and ate the head and neck of the bird … an owl.  They do that, and we have more owls than cats around us.