210705-061539-JEH21I was cruising the web this morning when I saw an article about using a small sensor camera for street photography.  Reading the article I remembered that I had made images with an Olympus TG-6 of buildings, etc. while walking on the streets of Hanover.  I liked them due to the nice deep depth of field and ease of carrying and using a very small pocket camera.

After those thoughts I took my little cheap Lumix waterproof pocket camera out of the drawer and proceeded to make these images, such as the following buds and blooms of some Hosta’s.

They are not great, but the Lumix images are a lot poorer than those of the Olympus that I used to have.  I use the Lumix at a constant ISO of 800 which results in noisy images.  Since I like my Leica X2 I need to compare using it vs. something with an even smaller sensor providing the camera is smaller and lighter than the X2.  The results will weigh into my considerations for eventually only using small light cameras for my photography. 

While sitting on my porch drinking a cup of coffee, I noticed the following scene.  It looks like smoke rising up to meet and merge into the clouds.  But it isn’t.  It is a contrail from a plane in front of the clouds.  Remember what I wrote the other day, don’t believe everything you see and are told.