Older Cameras

As I continue to think about whether I want to get something smaller or with a longer focal length than the X2 camera, I keep wondering about the sensor size and what worked OK for me in the past so I looked at some old pictures to see what cameras I used.

The first image was made in Prague in 2006 with a Canon Powershot SD800 IS.  That camera only had a 1/2.3ā€, 7.1 MP sensor with a zoom lens.  I think that picture was made around the mid-zoom range.

The second picture is of Sammi kayaking on the Blackwater River in the Canaan valley in 2007.  I made the picture from my kayak which was behind hers.  The camera was a Pentax Optio W20.  It was a 7MP waterproof camera with a 1/2.3ā€ sensor and a zoom lens.  The image was made at maximum zoom.

The third image of me was made in 2010 with an Olympus E-P1 camera with the older pancake 17mm lens.  The camera had around 17MP and a micro four-thirds sensor.  That image, quality wise, as well as subject wise, was the worst of the lot.