Photographing Ideas vs. Things


One type of photography that I like, but find limited due to lack of traveling, is reportage photography.  I like to tell stories with my photography, often ones that relate to what I expect for the future; but also ones that describe what I tend to believe are shortfalls, or interesting relative to our current culture, politics, and environmental practices.

The included picture is an example.  It shows how Plum Creek is eroding with each round of high water that we get, and which I believe will be an increasing occurrence with global heating changing the amounts and severity of rain in the eastern parts of the U.S.

Our Township apparently has rules dealing with what can and cannot be done to the banks of Plum Creek.  I have asked them, and I’m waiting for information.  I think that either the interpretations of the rules, or the actual rules, are wrong.  It is one thing to try and preserve the natural order of the ecology, but it is another thing to not stop erosion and allow the banks to erode and wash away to pollute and contribute to the flooding of the creek and eventually to decreasing the depth and pollution of the Chesapeake Bay.