Wildlife with Sony 18-135mm Lens

While still checking out the Sony 18-135mm lens vs. the Pentax 18-135mm lens, I was standing near the small pond and I noticed something moving in the grass across the pond.  The ducks were coming down the bank to the water.  The first picture is one I made at the 135mm focal range, the long end of the zoom.  That is an effective approximate 200mm.  I made several images and then loaded them on my computer.

The second image is a crop from one of the pictures which I then used the LR enhance feature on to increase the size.  I have been finding that the Sony is better than the Pentax gear.  The colors and the details, micro contrast, etc. are better with the Sony system.

The next picture is one I made of our resident buck standing in the shadows.  I almost didn’t see him, but I noticed a brown shadow at the edge of the trees so I made a picture to see what I could do with it.  I was surprised to see the buck so clearly.  In this case I didn’t like what LR enhance feature did to the image so I just used ON1 2021 resize feature to increase the size of the image after I had cropped out a section of the image.