Preparing for Fall

It was darkish and raining one morning as I wrote this.  It felt like a precursor to coming fall weather; therefore, I put the little widish Sony 20mm lens on the camera as I started thinking about capturing what fall feels like.  I need to get a better feel for what to expect from this effective 30mm focal length lens.

I was hoping to be out and about, walking the streets in Hanover, PA as well as in other small towns, scenic locations, etc. this fall, but it doesn’t look like that will happen now due to the Covid pandemic which is turning into being endemic.  

As a substitute, I might need to concentrate on photographing local aspects of the environmental pandemic we are now experiencing.  If that happens I might need to switch to using my Olympus TG-6 since it is waterproof and can be carried in a jacket pocket with few worries of getting it wet or dropping it as I slip and slide in the mud, or dropping it if I trip on uneven walkways.  But, to give me another option I ordered the Tamron 24mm lens for use on my Sony camera since the Tamron lens is weather resistant.