What’s Next ?

In these changing times it is hard to imagine what comes next, but there will be even greater challenges caused by global heating’s wild weather extremes, and endemic Covid.  We all should plan for the possibility that future variants could be worse.  Some also expect this flu season to be worse.  We also need to plan on shortages of goods, including food, to be continuous for awhile.   In addition, prices will likely continue climbing.  Without all of this life would be uninteresting and boring.

As far as my photography goes, my biggest issue is what to photograph and publish in my blog while staying clear of people.  I would like to stay true to the “Truth”; i.e., always show the way it really is as we undergo all of these environmental changes.  I have less and less interest in making colorful pretty flower pictures.  They tend to not be realistic about real life.

Some of you might have also noted that I changed the subtitle of my blog to “Plan for Change, It Happens”.  If I can find enough suitable images, I would like to shift my blog a little more towards the subject of changes occurring all around us.