Idea for a Project

210905-083943-jeh21I’m considering making a B&W zine.  I could make a test zine with only a printed copy for myself.  I would do that to get some more experience with layouts, photo processing, paper and size selection, etc.  I could make a test zine with current images while I aggressively make better images for the second zine.

My biggest concern has been the theme, but I think I could make it “Life through my eyes” with it consisting of details, both around my Villa as well as around Homewood at Plum Creek.

I have been experimenting with selecting a focal length and cameras so that there is some degree of consistency.  I’m currently thinking I could make most of the images with an effective 30mm focal length by using the Sony 20mm lens on the Sony A6400, with possibly some images made with effective 50mm or less lenses; i.e., with only my prime lenses.  I would also use my X2 with its effective 35mm lens.  I would only use my TG-6 camera if I needed a waterproof camera during bad weather, but only if I had an image I particularly liked.  My emphasis would be on only compositions and lighting, not cameras.

With the elimination of Homewood images I have been shifting my emphasis, gear wise, to smaller cameras and prime lenses.  This also means that I changed straps and bags to best fit the use of prime lenses.

These gear changes are also aimed toward my making future images off campus whenever, and if I can go elsewhere safely.  My ultimate goal is to move my photography beyond Homewood confines as well as more uses for it than for just my blog.  

If you don’t see many new posts on my blog it will hopefully be because I’m working on a B&W zine.

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