Definitely colorful and sharp enough, but is it close enough?  I’m in the process of assessing how much I can do with one lens.  These were made with the Tamron 24mm F/2.8 lens on the Sony A6400 camera, an equivalent 36mm focal length.  These, and other images have me wondering how much I could photograph with just this lens mounted on a full frame Sony camera with more pixels for cropping, but with a true 24mm focal length.

I am also wondering if posting images like these is really necessary.  The images give me a chance to play with processing and I know a few, very few, residents around me like to see colorful images that I make here, even if I just step out my door and make them of things I see close-by.

There are other images I could, and do make, that are only probably meaningful to me, but I really have no outlet for them unless I use them in a book that I make just for myself.  Those of you who are interested in what I mean might want to watch the YouTube video made by T. Hopper where she shows and talks about why Patti Smith makes images.