I’m still here and still trying different cameras and lenses and subjects and processing as I work down to the essentials.  Since many of you were concerned about me not publishing as often, I thought that I’d just show you these images as a reminder that I’m still working on my photography even though I haven’t decided on future changes.

My big “hang-up” is what could I photograph that fits my location and gear, or what can I possibly do differently to expand my photography in a way that I enjoy.  This is a big problem as the flowers die off as the temperatures continue declining.  Our night time temperatures have gotten down to 48 degrees F. already.


  1. TasView (Tone)

    I like to find fungi and waterfalls to photograph in the cooler months. I find when everything seems familiar because you have trodden the path so often, it’s more of a challenge to look at it differently and find something new or interesting to photograph.