Dark Rainy Morning

This morning it was dark, dreary, and raining lightly as I started my daily thoughts.  I have been trying something different.  I have been using a Sony A7RII camera with a Sony 40mm F2.5 lens and trying to decide if I will keep them.  The camera has a full frame 42MP sensor and I have been wondering if I could use this camera and one lens, the 40mm lens, as my walk-about system for making images.

This morning, as I continued my deliberations about the camera, I stepped out on the porch when it was raining and made these images.  The biggest concern I have had is “how well does it perform for what have been my typical types of photographs?”  The first image is the camera jpeg with no cropping.  I decided to use the flower in the center to see what I could do with this camera-lens setup.  The second image is a resized crop of the flower.  The other two images are minimal crops.  I haven’t decoded whether to keep the camera and lens.  It is a nice enough lens and camera, but I am still not sure about what to photograph in the future.

I am also not sure about the future of this blog.  As I said in an earlier post I was going to “hang it up” at least for a while until I decided.  There have been two problems with that.  One, some of my regular viewers have cried out for me to continue.  Two, I missed making the images and writing posts, so I decided to keep going on an irregular schedule while I try to dream up a better purpose for blogging.  I just need a better objective than testing gear and ideas and reporting on my daily life of mostly doing nothing but that.  I was determined to stop doing that, but at the expense of doing nothing?

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  1. dreamwver

    Very nice photos of a dark rainy day. Am also enjoying your blog. I noticed the photo you had of the casket inscribed ‘Clarksburg Casket Company’. If I’m not mistaken, the owner of that company was my neighbor, John Wilson. Your background info about how the company was moved and then suffered a fire, then some of the equipment ended up in the town in PA where you are living was such a coincidence, considering you grew up here in Clarksburg. Very nice blog and interesting info. I hope all is well there.