Changing is Necessary

Nothing will be the same again, not here or anywhere.  Forget getting back to normal, as if it ever existed.  It didn’t.  The environment changes daily, usually getting more dangerous, whether from global heating or global viruses or politics.  

Covid-19 has created a new environment.  We will never be the same again.  We need to learn to live differently with Covid being always around.  We just don’t have to coexist with only colds, flu, etc.  Now we have to add Covid to the list.  

It is hard to pick the most dangerous changes; whether it is the climate, the diseases, or the republicans, or inequality, or stupidity; but, we as individuals must change as a result.  

For myself, it means staying away from people since that is how most diseases and stupidity are carried and transmitted.

For my photography & blogging it means …. ?

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