Promising, but

210930-094744-untitled shoot Images like this one are doable now, but not for long as the weather gets colder.

The advantages for me in making images like this are:

  1. My local viewers tend to like them.
  2. They keep me occupied with processing them.
  3. And, I can make them with only my pocket Olympus TG-6 camera.

The biggest issue I have with making these images is that I get tired of them.  I like to experience changes.  I like to learn what is going on and how to surmount the changing environment.

I also like to photograph a dynamic happening and I like to photograph life experiences in dealing with change.

I like to be the “fly on the wall” observing all that is going on around me and photographing it in a discreet manner with a small camera.  And I like to do it in B&W such as in an older post of mine made at the Hanover Shoe Farms.  Now I need to find something different, but hopefully also with small cameras.

One comment

  1. babsje

    I like this post and also Hanover Shoe Farms. Your tagline is perfect: Plan for change, it happens. Someone more famous than I said “The only constant is change.” Best, Babsje