Torn Asunder

211007-095035-JEH21I am at a loss.  I am adrift.  I don’t know what to do with my photography.  I do not want to make photographic clichés.  I’m tired of all of the lies and ways we try to convince ourselves that all is right with the world.

I wrote that I was going to “hang it up” for awhile while I looked for other directions for my photography and blog.  And then I found I missed posting and I responded to the concerns of some who only wanted to see more “eye candy” or more of my monochromes or more of my colorful flowers.

Over time I have kept reverting back to what I enjoyed in the past, which was to try and play with different cameras and lenses.  None of this is wise or enjoyable anymore; therefore, I am back to wondering what I should do for the future.

I think I need more time and I need to get back to searching for a better path going forward.  In the meanwhile I am going to keep striving and stop posting as much as I search for a more sustainable and simpler way forward.


  1. Lois Revi

    “Pain makes man think. Thinking makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable.” No matter what you believe , there is a great deal of wisdom in The Bible .


  2. bluebrightly

    I second what Paula said, except that I think there may be a way forward, which to my mind, is to express the feeling, whatever it is, as you did here. The image is really wonderful, full of movement and feeling. But in the end it has to work for you.


  3. paula graham

    I do understand your strugglings very much. One has to do what one has to do, I presume. I do like your posts but no, all is not well with the world, nature, how we fail to connect with others and the mess we make of it all and much more. Difficult to find a satisfactory path forward and may be there is not such a thing.

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