Olympus TG-6 as a Travel Camera

Sled Run

This is a photo of the Sled Run at Blackwater Falls State Park in WV.  My reason for making this picture was to gather another example of the use of an underwater camera, the Olympus TG-6, when used as a travel camera.  I made this at full zoom which is an effective 100mm focal length.  That focal length helps to compress the far and near details to show you the leaf colors and the windmills.

The TG-6 is an suitable small pocket camera for capturing scenes, but ideally you need to use software like Adobe Lightroom to further tweak either raw or jpeg files as I did to make this image.  The TG-6 was the only camera I took with me on our recent trip to West Virginia.  It is a sufficient travel camera for someone with arthritis in their hands, knees, and back when approaching 80 years of age.

One comment

  1. Marc R.

    Hello John, the Olympus TG-6 is a great camera, I have one too and like it alot. To protect the lens even better, I bought the accessory on which you can place a filter among other things, and now it has a protector filter and a lens cap – makes the camera slightly thicker, but even better protected. Take care and keep writing ! regards Marc.