Another Day Dawns

I have switched back to using a Fujifilm camera, the X-Pro3.  I may also switch to using the Classic Neg film simulation (used above), but that depends upon what I end up photographing.  At the moment I only have one lens, the Fuji 16mm F2.8 WR, so progress on the next steps will be slow until I can obtain some other prime lenses.

The X-Pro3 camera has always been one that I liked, but I changed to other cameras with better hand grips and longer zoom lenses that were more versatile and easier to use for longer periods of time.  That really didn’t satisfy me so I am switching back and I will limit my photography if I have a problem holding and using the camera for long periods.

My current intentions are to only use a few prime lenses on the X-Pro3 camera, but I am still working on what and how to photograph, so all decisions are still liable to change.  I decided to pick the camera and lens that I prefer to use and then see what I can find to photograph with them.  Yes, I know that is backwards thinking, but life is short, so I took the route that I most enjoy.

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