Self Reflection


 Marcia and I camped in the Sahara Desert on a tour of Tunisia in April 2010. The picture shows Charley, my friend, walking up the dune to join me in Tunisia.

I had a busy time with a trip to Ireland and a trip to Hawaii and two operations between the trip to Tunisia and moving to Homewood at Plum Creek in October 2011.

I used to be quite busy, but now I find that it takes longer to accomplish mundane things; or is it that I just move slower to help fill the time I have?

I’m still trying to decide what I can do with my photography and my blog.  I’m slowly getting to a decision on my camera and lenses, but I am still a little uncertain of what & where to photograph.  I have some ideas but I need to try some of them.

I will be paring back on the number of photos I make, and mostly concentrating on the purpose, or my philosophy, regarding photography.

The continuation of my blog depends on whether I make enough suitable photos to display, or whether I concentrate on a longer term project more suitable for a personal book.  I would like to do both but that isn’t as easy as it sounds.  

I hope to start the new year with a clear intent in mind.  The only thing clear so far is that the future won’t be like the past.  My photography has been, and will probably still be, a visual self-reflection of my journey through life.

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