Walk-About Camera

I decided that I needed a camera with image stabilization with a zoom lens to use as a walk-about camera to document what I see.  The camera needed to be small and lightweight, weather resistant, and not too expensive.  The solution I came up with was to go to a micro 4/3 sensor with the Olympus E-M5 III camera and the 14-150mm lens.  I finally found a used one that was in like-new condition.

My biggest concern was that I wanted to be able to use it at night and I wasn’t sure about the digital noise and how slow of a shutter speed I could manage handheld.  The above is one of my first test photos that I made last night from my back porch when it was still raining a little.  It is an in-camera jpeg made at ISO 5000, f/5.5, and 0.5 sec., 60mm focal length, which has been further tweaked using Lightroom Classic.  I think it will be good enough for what I want to do.  A little more time and variety of images will confirm my hopes, or not.