I Like the Micro 4/3 System

I like the Olympus file system.  I can set the aspect ratio and image style, like monochrome, in the camera and only save the raw files.  This way I can see and compose the image in monochrome or any color style and any aspect ration I want.  After loading the files into my computer, I can then make any changes I desire in aspect ratio, color, etc.  I have Lightroom set up to load the raw files using the camera settings to see how they look as I captured them, and then make any changes I desire using Lightroom.

I like the overall size and weight of the Olympus micro four thirds cameras and lenses.  I have returned, or sold, all of the recent Fuji and Sony gear I have been trying, and I intend to solely use micro 4/3 gear, at least this winter, as I try to determine what I will do going forward with my photography and blog.

The Panasonic 20mm pancake lens, shown on the camera, is particularly nice for a walk-about lens with the effective 40mm focal length.  I made the rose image after the rose had been hit with frost.  The colors of the camera-lens combination are nice.  I just need to go out and find some suitable images to make with it.