From the Other Side

It has occurred to me that many of my views are contrarian relative to what others believe, and that I could think of many of my thoughts and views as “From the Other Side.”

Since I have been wanting to do more work in monochrome, I have tweaked my in-camera settings a little and I have been testing an out-of-camera style for various lighting conditions, subjects, etc. before I consider going out into the world to look for suitable compositions.


  1. bluebrightly

    The series is very nice viewed one by one. As for being on one side or another, that’s very subjective and in my view, not the most helpful way to think about life. But to each his or her own!


  2. paula graham

    Funny, but I hold no views on photography apart from that it should come from the heart without copying what is fashionable. You shoot with your heart and your soul